Webinar Platforms to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Recently in the rise in popularity of webinars, new platforms have been popping up everywhere. Here we will discuss the best webinar platforms so that you can make the wisest decision ever.

What is a Webinar Platform/Software?
Webinar Platform is short for web-based seminars. Essentially a webinar is a video presentation, workshop, lecture or seminar which is transmitted through the web or internet using video conferencing software. With the rise of webinar platforms, each platform is unique to itself and it’s common to find webinar platforms offering audio sharing, documentation sharing, and application sharing. The following are some of the most common webinar platforms/software features:

  • Screen Share
  • Live Chat Amongst Attendees
  • Video File Sharing
  • Prerecord Options
  • Ability to connect with Multiple Presenters
  • Chat Filters
  • Conference Options
  • Calendar Scheduling Options

Now that you have further background in what is a webinar platform; look no further and let’s discuss the Best Webinar Platforms that we at Intricate Digital Recommend.

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