5 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Marketing Strategies

5 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Marketing Strategies

By Dom Nicastro | Oct 28, 2019

According to research from Gartner, mobile marketers by next year will drive 80% of engagements through mobile websites. That means marketers will increase their efforts in mobile marketing. But first they’ve got work to do. 

Those same marketers, though, are building their mobile websites without accurate knowledge of their customers’ mobile preferences. If there were ever a time to start doubling-down on mobile marketing efforts — and getting better at it — it’s now. And Gartner’s not the only one who’s saying so.

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Meeker Finds Mobile on the Rise

According to Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report this year, mobile time spent vs. advertising equivalency is finally flattening out. In 2010, mobile time spent on media was 8% vs. 0.5% spent on internet advertising.

In 2018, those splits are virtually dead-even at 33%, according to Meeker’s findings. The fact is, mobile has caught up and even surpassed traditional digital forums on which marketers have built campaigns and strategies.

Going the AMP Route

How are some marketers trying to stay on top of mobile marketing strategies? Markelle Harden, content marketing specialist at Knowmad Digital Marketing, said her team has used Google AMP technology as a mobile marketing strategy for every website since the announcement of Google’s mobile-first indexing. AMP is Google’s web component framework to help brands create “user-first websites, stories, emails and ads.”

Harden cited the example of a HubSpot website using AMP technology on blog posts and blog content. In some cases, her teams utilize Unbounce landing pages to improve the mobile performance.  “Since 2018, Google released an AMP PlugIn for WordPress, making it easy to optimize a website that lacks a 100% responsive design,” Harden said. “AMP technology continues to involve and improve, and we’re excited to begin working with amp-script to improve mobile marketing performance in 2020.”

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SMS Options in Site Pop-Up

Jeff Moriarty, marketing manager of Moriarty’s Gem Art, said his team found an SMS option on its site pop-up as a successful strategy to get better at remarketing to mobile users. “In the past we only asked for emails,” he said, “but since asking for SMS now as well for mobile visitors, we have gathered so many phone numbers — bigger percentage than emails — that we are able to remarket to. It has caused a growth in SMS subscribers 200% greater than our email subscribers. While SMS transactions still aren’t as high as emails, the conversion rates are 1% higher, which is amazing.” 

Make Site Mobile-Friendly With Rich Content

Don’t forget the basics when it comes to mobile marketing. Before anything, your marketing teams needs to ensure your digital properties are mobile friendly, according to Paige Arnof-Fenn, founder and CEO of Mavens & Moguls Because Marketing Matters. “The world is moving to mobile only with fewer people accessing email on big screens so tailor your message and content accordingly,” she said.

Being mobile friendly also means building rich content. “In a mobile-first world, you have less time to grab people, attention spans are shorter than ever so video will be used even more,” Arnof-Fenn said. “Show, don’t tell, for maximum impact. Rich content drives engagement. Live streaming is available on every major social media platform, and it is only getting bigger to hook in users with short attention spans.”

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Voice Search Optimization Strategies a Must 

Max Falb, a digital marketing strategist for Fueled, said the best 2020 mobile marketing strategy his marketing team is currently looking into is voice search optimization. “Voice search will become a lot more prevalent in 2020,” he said, “with the development of Siri and Alexa and because of their increase in popularity. It is important that SEO is optimized not just for normal typed search results, but also how people use voice search.”

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Arnof-Fenn agreed, adding smart speakers and voice search are growing in importance so being able to optimize for voice search will be key to maximize the mobile marketing and advertising opportunities on Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc. “I predict that the brands that perfect the ‘branded skill’ with more customer-friendly, less invasive ads are going to win big,” she said. 

Using Opt-in Forms

The most effective way for a marketer to boost their mobile marketing is to use opt-in forms, according to Debashri M Dutta, content marketer at MemberPress. Opt-in forms as popups especially can drive up conversions. “Marketers can use a tool or a plugin to create these popups to appear when people are just about to leave their site,” she said. “This way, marketers can offer them a discount, a gift, or some kind of incentive to get visitors to sign up as a subscriber. This helps build an email list. This is quite vital because email marketing still leads when it comes to making conversions. Once a marketer has an email list, they can launch a campaign and drive conversions.”

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