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Fortune 500’s Better Get on The Twitter Train

Today I heard and read an amazing stat that I couldn’t believe.  I needed to go back and read it again.  The statistic was that only 62% of fortune 500 companies have an active Twitter account.  This begs the next question which was asked “what are the remaining 48% thinking not having social media accounts?”

Do people still think that this social media is a fad?  It’s hard to believe this is true but we must ask ourselves why?  Why would a person or company that is trying to sell a service or product not jump on this train and harness the power of a platforms that cost little to nothing utilize?  Your own time and effort is all that’s needed.  This seems like an extremely fair trade-off.

Today a person in his/her garage can compete with a fortune 500 so why wouldn’t you use every weapon available to you to win?  I really hope someone out there from one of these fortune 500’s can tweet me back and answer the question.  This on the surface is madness.  Anyone else there that want to chime in please do.  I don’t have the answer because it’s inconceivable to me but then again so was watching the new Ghostbusters movie but apparently, they sold at least 10 tickets so somebody went.

Hope this helps,