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Having Purpose is the Reason the Greats Do What They Do

I’m often thinking about what makes the greats so great?  I came up with a list of them and then created a matrix to see what variables/characteristics they shared.  There were several characteristics that showed up with every one of them.

  • Having Purpose
  • Surrounding yourself with smart people
  • Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

First off, if you don’t want to work hard or don’t think you need to in order to make something of yourself you’re kidding yourself.  To be great you cant just work 9.5.  You have to be willing to work until you can’t see strait and then get up and do it again.  It drives me nuts when I hear these people talk about life balance as if this is more important in every case. I’m not saying that having time for other things like your family or hobbies isn’t important. What I’m saying is that if you are a business owner do you want to be ok or do you want to dominate?

Does it do your family any good to go home with nothing to show for your days work or do you want to come home and tell them you had a great day because you were able to close so many deals or you were swamped with customers today in your deli?  The later the right answer by the way.  You haven’t earned a break until you are making incremental progress, which you can hold yourself accountable on.

When I think about what I do its part researcher and parts salesman.  Speaking to new prospect is an opportunity to me to help them be great.  I don’t see it as making a sale first, that comes later.  I first see my purpose as helping these people realize their greatness and that is purpose.

You can’t possibly know everything and you don’t know what you don’t know.  The best things you can do is realize early on is that you can see the strategy and road map and leverage other peoples knowledge.  Surround yourself with people who know the answers to the questions you don’t and make you decisions once you have heard all the input.

Finally you have to hustle and keep your pipeline full.  You need to learn to be charming, positive and be agreeable.  When prospects ask you a question you don’t know the answer to tell them you will get an answer to them and then actually follow through.  You need to over promise and over deliver.  Don’t blame others for not being great.