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Instagram, Business and Trust

Instagram is great.  Instagram is there to provide great photos and video for you to get a window into that particular situation.  Businesses have taken advantage of this with visual products such as bakeries, restaurants, clubs. So how would you use Instagram if you provide a...


Quality Testing is Everything, Dont be Lazy

I saw it again today.  I was looking at a website from an ad I saw on Facebook about a product that I thought was cool and wanted to buy.  I went to to site and they are using Wordpress, which is fine.  I love...


How To Tell Your Story

Ive written about storytelling before.  Explaining that your story and your brand are one in the same.  Building relationships in business is just like making friends and this takes time and trust.  Hopefully you are blessed enough that your customers are your friends.  Here is...


Building Your Brand with Instagram

What is your brand?  Its what you're about and what you believe.  It's who you are.  How far will you go to serve a client? Are you a man or women of your word?  Your audience needs to get to know you.  How would you allow...

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Building Trust with Social Media

I have to say that if I had a quarter each time I heard someone demean anyone who brings up social media for business use I would be a rich man.  These people that still haven't figured it out will repeat history's mistakes.  Lets look...