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15 Great Social Media and Content Marketing Slides

15 great presentations to get insight about social media and marketing. Some are strategic and others include case studies, spiced up with recent social media and marketing statistics. Get ideas or use them to change minds of people you need in your boat. Enjoy! 1. How...


Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits [September 2017] BY PRIIT KALLAS · PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2, 2017 · UPDATED OCTOBER 3, 2017 Data updated on: August 7, 2017 Take a look at the interactive chart with more than 10 years of data. Facebook market share Although, Facebook monthly active user count breaks new...


How to Set Yourself Apart from Others

I spent many ours today finding new qualified prospects and preparing to reach out to them.  I have a strategy on how I reach out and establish a cadence for how often and how long. The first question is how often to you reach out?  AT...


Influencer Marketing and Harnessing It

When Michael Jordan put on his famous first pair of Air Jordan’s I remember that every kid in my school including me were wearing them in intramural basketball.  These are obviously known as endorsements but how do we use those same principles online.  Guess what it...


Social Media Tips for Pizza Places

I just at my mechanic’s shop this Friday.  I saw a guy come in who asked if the technician could help the man remove a stripped bolt from the oil tank.  Apparently this same guy came in earlier to get an oil change and he...


How to Utilize Vimeo for Business

Vimeo quite simply is youTube for people who want to avoid advertisement and videos of ghetto or trailer trash beating each other up over a stolen bag of cheetos.  SO how would this be of any value to me you ask?  Well theres ad placement....


Why Are Dentists Holding Out on Social Media?

I was recently speaking with a good friend of mine who is a dentist.  I asked the question on if dentists are taking advantage of social media.  I was quite surprised by the answer.  He said that many aren't because they felt wasn’t a serious...

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What Social Media Apps to Focus Your Time On?

I was reading an article by some cat namedPRIIT KALLAS.  The article is talking about the most popular social media and what the actual numbers are.  I have to admit I was shocked at what the reality real was.  As I was looking at this...


Mistakes Martial Arts Schools Make on Social Media

I have practiced several disciplines of martial arts since I was 5 years old.  Mainly Aikido and then Karate.  Above anything else it was about finding out who you really are.  Its about being able to defend your self and others and its about being...


If You’re Selling Food You Need Social Media

Everything I'm about to say applies to anyone trying to make money but I'm going to focus on restaurants and anyone selling food.  I decided to speak about this today because I just left one of my favorite local joints to eat at for lunch...


Fortune 500’s Better Get on The Twitter Train

Today I heard and read an amazing stat that I couldn't believe.  I needed to go back and read it again.  The statistic was that only 62% of fortune 500 companies have an active Twitter account.  This begs the next question which was asked "what...

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You Need To Invest in SEO. Stop Ignoring It.

I love reading these articles that state that you dont need social media, or online advertising or even SEO to be successful in business these days.  Now I know these are most likely just outcasts on their own island somewhere but this dis-info is still...


Reasons Medical Practices should use Snapchat

Why Medical Practices Should Leverage Snapchat Snapchat has 200 million active users and that is a growing number.  It also happens to be one of the more popular social media applications. Many companies from small to enterprise have managed to use this to their benefit. So how does this transfer...


Why All Local Business Must Adopt Social Media

These are simple reason why all business but especially small business need to adopt proper social media management. 1: Immediate Communication Whether you are at your computer or on your smart phone you will see an alert if someone reaches out to you on your social media...

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Building Trust with Social Media

I have to say that if I had a quarter each time I heard someone demean anyone who brings up social media for business use I would be a rich man.  These people that still haven't figured it out will repeat history's mistakes.  Lets look...


How Stats Should Influence your Digital Strategy

I recently read a book named How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking by Jordan Ellenberg.  It gives examples of how people will use selected facts to make their agenda.  Jordan makes the point to state that "The purpose of statistics isn't...