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Medical Offices Should Use “Link Juice”

So before I start what I’m going to discuss this principle can be used with anyone who has a business not just the medical profession but I chose them because I was getting an MRI today and its fresh in my head. My primary doctor sent me to...


If You’re Selling Food You Need Social Media

Everything I'm about to say applies to anyone trying to make money but I'm going to focus on restaurants and anyone selling food.  I decided to speak about this today because I just left one of my favorite local joints to eat at for lunch...

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You Need To Invest in SEO. Stop Ignoring It.

I love reading these articles that state that you dont need social media, or online advertising or even SEO to be successful in business these days.  Now I know these are most likely just outcasts on their own island somewhere but this dis-info is still...


3 Tips for Writing Better Copy for Optimized SEO

In my opinion copywriting is one of the most neglected things on all websites.  Most think it just writing text on a page. This is very silly and simplistic view.  Great content always turns great results.  THis great copy also affects the SEO for a...

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Organic SEO vs PPC

The easiest way to explain what Search Engine Optimization is what?  Think of a famous location like Wrigley Field or what out of towners call it "Cubs Park".  You are trying to get there so you may look up directions online, ask the concierge at...


Better SEO with Backlinking

You've most likely heard people talk about "better SEO".  Maybe you know what the term means or not.  Well we all have to learn some time.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  This refers to the content on your website and how search engines look...