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Get More Leads by Creating a Mass Movement

Sales funnels are something that have been around for year and we have been subject to them.  Recently Russel Brunson has released two books named DOTCOMSECRETS and Expert Secrets.  One of the primary pillars of these books is how to create a mass movement of people...


Are Websites Really Dead?

Ive been hearing in pod casts and reading in blogs and books that websites are dead.  I can understand that people feel that websites are being overshadowed by mobile apps, and social media but its a stretch to say that the website is going away. ...


Sales Funnels and Why You Need One

What is the the main goal for your business?  To get clients and more of them.  I do not care what kind of business you have.  It doesn't mater what industry or vertical you are in but if you have a business you need to...