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Instagram, Business and Trust

Instagram is great.  Instagram is there to provide great photos and video for you to get a window into that particular situation.  Businesses have taken advantage of this with visual products such as bakeries, restaurants, clubs. So how would you use Instagram if you provide a...


Building Your Brand with Instagram

What is your brand?  Its what you're about and what you believe.  It's who you are.  How far will you go to serve a client? Are you a man or women of your word?  Your audience needs to get to know you.  How would you allow...


If You’re Selling Food You Need Social Media

Everything I'm about to say applies to anyone trying to make money but I'm going to focus on restaurants and anyone selling food.  I decided to speak about this today because I just left one of my favorite local joints to eat at for lunch...

instagram vs snap chat DevstudioX

Instagram VS Snap Chat

I get this question all the time and I know the confusion because you can blink and things in the tech world change that fast.  What is the difference among all the social media sites?  Well that a longer conversation but lets talk about two...