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How to Pick the Best Ad Placements on Facebook

Grant Wise, founder of Modern Investing Mastery, hosts his own show on GCTV. The show is meant to teach you how to find deals using Facebook Ads without using outdated marketing strategies. The post How to Pick the Best Ad Placements on Facebook appeared first...

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Select the Right Audience for Your Facebook Ads

Grant Wise is the host of Modern Investing Mastery and will show you how to setup your facebook ads for optimum results.  Watch and learn as he takes you through the setup of you next campaign today.   Sign up now at The post...

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What Social Media Apps to Focus Your Time On?

I was reading an article by some cat namedPRIIT KALLAS.  The article is talking about the most popular social media and what the actual numbers are.  I have to admit I was shocked at what the reality real was.  As I was looking at this...


If You’re Selling Food You Need Social Media

Everything I'm about to say applies to anyone trying to make money but I'm going to focus on restaurants and anyone selling food.  I decided to speak about this today because I just left one of my favorite local joints to eat at for lunch...


Facebook Ads are Worth It

According to Facebook hands down is the most used social media platform.  That being the case Facebook does offer many great ways to advertise.  You will have to create a few additional free accounts with Facebook in order to advertise but hey its free. Facebook...