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7 Patient Strategies for Growing Your Business Online

7 Patient Strategies for Growing Your Business Online

7 Patient Strategies for Growing Your Business Online The sooner you stop believing in magic formulas for success the better. Image credit: Photographer is my life | Getty Images Kimanzi Constable - VIP CONTRIBUTOR In case you haven’t noticed, there are more than a few entrepreneurs online daily talking and...


How To Become Known

For anyone intending to succeed at a thing, the main obstacle, regardless of what “thing” they are pursuing comes down to not enough people knowing about that person. That’s simply it! Not enough people know about that person and what they do or are intending...


Limousines and Social Media

Limousines were Uber and Lyft before they were around except it was in style.  Just like cabs, everything is happening in real time and within seconds.  You can gain a client or lose one within a second.  There are also thousands of your guys in...


Hustling and The Art of The Deal

I just got done reading two books.  One was Hustle by Neil Patel, Patrick Vlaskovits, and Jonas Koffler quickly followed by Think Big and Kick Ass by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker.  When you listen to stories from with old school successful business men and...


All Businesses Need a SnapChat Strategy

Snapchat still has this stigma as being something only kids use.  This couldn't be further from the truth and is a valuable tool or anyone or any business to get attention.  Lets take a look at the numbers. Total Number of Monthly Active Users: 300...


Motorsports Using Social Media

As a long time motorcycle rider its in the blood.  I always wanted to get the details about bikes that I didn't have and the new ones coming out.  I wanted all the details and about the accessories.  It would have been nice to have...


Focus Your Online Ads

This one is going to be quick because this is a rookie mistake that we all have done and hopefully the newbies will learn from this.  When posting online ads on Facebook or Google etc...


How to Set Yourself Apart from Others

I spent many ours today finding new qualified prospects and preparing to reach out to them.  I have a strategy on how I reach out and establish a cadence for how often and how long. The first question is how often to you reach out?  AT...


Mobile Apps = Customer Retention and Loyalty

I am a follower and student of Grant Cardone's sales materials.  One because I think its proven useful and also because of the real stats provided.  One was that if someone has gone through the steps to download your mobile app the chances that retention...


Quality Testing is Everything, Dont be Lazy

I saw it again today.  I was looking at a website from an ad I saw on Facebook about a product that I thought was cool and wanted to buy.  I went to to site and they are using Wordpress, which is fine.  I love...


Influencer Marketing and Harnessing It

When Michael Jordan put on his famous first pair of Air Jordan’s I remember that every kid in my school including me were wearing them in intramural basketball.  These are obviously known as endorsements but how do we use those same principles online.  Guess what it...


Social Media Tips for Pizza Places

I just at my mechanic’s shop this Friday.  I saw a guy come in who asked if the technician could help the man remove a stripped bolt from the oil tank.  Apparently this same guy came in earlier to get an oil change and he...


Building Your Brand with Instagram

What is your brand?  Its what you're about and what you believe.  It's who you are.  How far will you go to serve a client? Are you a man or women of your word?  Your audience needs to get to know you.  How would you allow...


How to Utilize Vimeo for Business

Vimeo quite simply is youTube for people who want to avoid advertisement and videos of ghetto or trailer trash beating each other up over a stolen bag of cheetos.  SO how would this be of any value to me you ask?  Well theres ad placement....


Why Are Dentists Holding Out on Social Media?

I was recently speaking with a good friend of mine who is a dentist.  I asked the question on if dentists are taking advantage of social media.  I was quite surprised by the answer.  He said that many aren't because they felt wasn’t a serious...