Quality Testing is Everything, Dont be Lazy


I saw it again today.  I was looking at a website from an ad I saw on Facebook about a product that I thought was cool and wanted to buy.  I went to to site and they are using WordPress, which is fine.  I love WordPress myself but when you use a theme that has CTA’s built in take the time to fill them out and then test.

What pissed me off is that This CTA was part of the template and popped up and wasn’t filled out with the company’s info.  It had all the sample text such as “fill in title here” and add image here”. WHo’s at fault here is both the contractor and the client for not testing.  This why people think anyone can do this kind of thing when you see the sloppiness and lack of attention to detail like this.

Testing is everyones responsibility when you are doing any project.  The website before being launched should be tested for obvious thing but also have a list of scenarios that you and your customers would do.  This was pure laziness to allow such mistakes to get onto a live website.

Sorry for the rant, hope this helps.