Instagram is great.  Instagram is there to provide great photos and video for you to get a window into that particular situation.  Businesses have taken advantage of this with visual products such as bakeries, restaurants, clubs.

So how would you use Instagram if you provide a service and not a physical product?  I suggest that you showcase your people.  Show the behind the scenes or what you do.  The hard work that it takes to strategize and execution.  Show the successes that your team has.  Its nice to see people be together focused on a common goal and then be happy together.

When I hire a new vendor and I research them on Instagram and see these photos how great would it be to see the same people when I walk through the doors of the business?  I would feel I know them already and its sets the tone.  Like Ive said numerous times in previous posts, trust is key.  When the customer doesn’t trust you they move on to the next product or service.

Hope this helps