Ive written about storytelling before.  Explaining that your story and your brand are one in the same.  Building relationships in business is just like making friends and this takes time and trust.  Hopefully you are blessed enough that your customers are your friends.  Here is one approach that will help you organize your thoughts.

1. Every story needs Good character or characters, drama, and a hero.

Theres a problem you had that your tries solving.  As a result you have a purpose and its helping others solve the same problem you’ve provided a solution for.

2. Connect with Your target Audience


Talk is cheap unless you can back it up.  Listen to your customers and listen to the chatter on social media.  Understand how you can help these people and tell a story to they can relate.

3. Pull on the Heart Strings

This is similar to the connecting but on a deeper level.  When you can identify that someone has a similar or exact experience that you’ve had you have the ability to travel back in time with that person and they know you aren’t faking.  People can smell BS.


4. Sometimes Too Much is Too Much

go get into the details when connecting unless they ask.  Stay high level and start with how your product or service addresses a scenario.  Then go back and talk about how you came up with the idea.

5. Give Your Audience What Matters


be strait with your customers along with over promising and over delivering.  You will build trust and loyalty when you do what you say and say what you do.  Think about how you would feel if it were you in the customers shoes.

Hope this helps