What is your brand?  Its what you’re about and what you believe.  It’s who you are.  How far will you go to serve a client? Are you a man or women of your word?  Your audience needs to get to know you.  How would you allow someone to do this if they haven’t walked into your business?  Pictures and Videos are the second best way to do this at a distance.

Here are some simple tips that will allow you to get more eyes on you and make people start taking notice.

  • Allow people to know who you are
  • Putting a face with a name personalizes things
  • Highlight your expertise in your craft
  • You can draw people in by placing tags on your content
  • Instagram allows you to advertise
  • Help people understand how you are different from everyone else
  • Show off your work
  • Get people in the door with discounts

Hope this helps