A Complete List of 2019 Growth Ideas

Originally published February 2018. Last updated: January, 2019

Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of your marketing. And I don’t mean that in the abstract, let’s-just-throw-our-money-away-on-social-media-impressions-and-influencers-all-willy-nilly sort of way. 

I mean taking a regular pulse to calculate the current levels of aided awareness (recognition), unaided awareness (recall), etc. from your potential market (or at least a representative portion of it) and then doing marketing stuff to move that needle. 

That’s the kind of brand awareness marketing that I’m talking about. And marketers should absolutely be investing more time and money in it for a few key reasons:

The point is… brand awareness is critically important, and yet far too few marketers know how important it truly is or how to generate it with precision and intention. 

You’re here because you already realize the value of brand awareness. But now let’s arm you with two dozen of 2019’s best ideas to generate brand awareness in the year ahead.

1) Reveal the Big Picture of Brand Opportunity with a Persona Quiz

The Strategy: Create a lead generation quiz that focuses on segmenting the characteristics, needs, and traits of your leads in a specialized persona-focused survey. Use it to find ultra-specific angles for marketing offers, the exact copy and keyword phrases that your consumers use, and hidden product features and benefits that should become the backbone of your entire marketing strategy.

Why It Works: Your consumers own your brand. When you understand their biggest issues and put significant marketing efforts behind solutions to their problems, consumers take notice. This popular methodology creates a clear picture for what you need to accomplish with your marketing and utilizes trendy quiz-based surveys, which increase participation.

How To Get Started: Chris Gadek outlines how to create a quiz that doubles as a profiling exercise for incoming leads and triples as a secret weapon that you can use to identify the biggest opportunities for your brand to connect with your consumers. Personally, we think Interact has the best survey functionality out there.

“We knew that our customers own our brand. We kept learning about how customers felt about our company and used those insights to build our brand awareness … and doubled MRR in the process.” Tweet

Chris Gadek, Head of Technical Growth & Marketing  – Eden

2) Access New Audiences with Influencer Marketing

The Strategy: Identify 50-100 influential people in your target market, vertical, and/or category. Do what you can to increase the credibility, recognition and relevance of these influencers as you grow your own brand’s awareness. Promoting a community of influencers will help create a halo effect of awareness within the community.

Why It Works: Influencer marketing is the art and science of finding people that are credible in your industry or area of focus and already have large audiences. Successful influencer marketing strategies are measured by the amount of business value you receive from the network of an influencer, relative to the effort needed to achieve the influencers interest.

How To Get Started: Buzzstream’s Discovery tool quickly helps you find the most influential people in a given area of interest. Sometimes the best way to get more recognition is to just  get the word out about your product or service to people who benefit from breaking news in a category or vertical.

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