Getting Email Ready For 2020

In this digital age, higher returns for your marketing and advertising spend is like a superpower because it can generate more profits by utilizing optimum resources for a business.

Email marketing, among all the other online marketing channels, have the power to give a leading edge to a brand and generate higher ROI. In 2020, you must start building your email list if you want the bigger returns.

As per a source, for $1 you spend on email, you can get $38 in return, and that is a whopping 3800% ROI. That makes email marketing the most effective advertising option as of now.

40% of marketers also accepted email newsletters are essential for their content marketing strategy.

Having said that, small business owners must know that 16% of emails never make into the inbox.

That’s why it is vital to try reliable email marketing tools: never to miss a chance of getting a better online conversion.

But before that, let’s have a quick overview of email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a promotional activity to send emailers exclusive discounts, and promotional materials about a business to acquire more customers or retaining existing ones.

Through email marketing, advertisers can ensure customized communication to the end-user.

So, you will need an email marketing tool that suits your needs and automates your emails to the relevant audience.

Being in the digital marketing industry, I understand that every marketer has different needs.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best email marketing tools for business owners to ensure your robust communication platform in 2020. Here are those tools.


MailChimp is obvious and mostly the first choice of an email marketing tool for business owners. It provides the leading edge to advertisers to make sure relevant prospects get the desired message effectively.

Currently, MailChimp has evolved as an all-in-one marketing platform that brands can leverage to manage other marketing channels besides email.

To start using MailChimp for email marketing activities is effortless thanks to its quick onboarding procedure. Moreover, if you have limited usage, you can also utilize this email marketing tool for free.

In the free plan, you get to contact 2000 mail addresses using this tool. So business owners with limited audience or beginner bloggers can start email marketing in 2020 for free through MailChimp.

For heavy users, you can pick the most comfortable plan of the tool.

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