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Top brand story agency partners with leading technology firm

Idea Hive, Johannesburg-based brand storytelling specialists, have partnered with Digitex Solutions, a local information technology company to provide cutting-edge digital storytelling marketing solutions. This in response to the growing need for value-driven marketing disruptions. In this ever-evolving digital world that sees brands needing to adapt to a new way of telling stories, this is exciting news.

he specialised art of storytelling has kept Idea Hive relevant and has created the special position that they hold in the branding world. The huge changes that technology has brought about in recent years have affected not only the way that brands communicate with consumers, but also the way consumers are engaging with the stories of the brands they love.

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“This relationship also forms the bedrock in crafting AI Data-Driven brand strategy and campaigns for our clients,” says Yaw Dwomoh, CEO of Idea Hive. “New technologies have created fresh opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations. Online storytelling involves creating and sharing stories using digital tools, hence the partnership provides a holistic solution for our clients,” Yaw adds.

Everyone can have a great idea but transforming that idea into a digital masterpiece that sends the client into definitive action at a touch of a button, is what makes all the difference. Our marketing decisions will now be driven by real-time data analytics and intelligence, adapting to a range of market conditions. Our customers may now take advantage of being informed as key data drivers change, based on our niche AI algorithms.

“We are very excited about the opportunity this partnership affords us, enabling us to adapt into the marketing advisory service provider brands have been looking for,” says Dwomoh.

According to an old Native American proverb, “Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” Good stories do indeed draw people in. They are narratives that connect, engage and move us to laughter, to tears, and most importantly to action.

While the fundamental values and principles of storytelling remain unchanged, how we tell these stories is quickly evolving. Rapidly changing technology is redefining what makes a story captivating. There are now more ways than ever of delivering the message and your brand’s story. Idea Hive, along with Digitex Solutions, can now converge the two, making the marketing experience one that leads to measurable action.

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About Idea Hive

At Idea Hive we create and execute pioneering Brand Storytelling Solutions to illuminate your brand’s power. We apply a strategic framework which extracts and aligns all the key components of your brand’s story.

Our team of curious, creative, driven and critical thinkers mould all the elements into a cohesive Brand Storytelling Solution that will change how the market sees and experiences your brand.

We craft and execute heartfelt and character-driven Brand Storytelling campaigns that position your brand/and or organisation to achieve its full market potential.

We offer an array of tailormade solutions around our services which includes branding, design, influencer marketing, visual content and communications. All solutions are anchored in ensuring that each Brand Story is told exceptionally, uniquely and to the right audience.

Imagine a world where brands defeat normal and ideas inspire change.

When we change, we change the world around us.

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