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Is Using Periscope Still Worth Your Time?

There are so many apps today.  Many are redundant with nuances.  Periscope is an interesting on because its purpose is to allow you to create a live stream essentially allowing you to have a portable TV station.  Pretty simple huh?  What a minute doesn’t Facebook and SnapChat do that as well?  You would be right so why use Periscope?  Before I answer that lets look at the stats.

Periscope in 2017 has around 10 million users. On any given day it has nearly 2 million users.  Compares to SnapChat’s 300 million user base and daily 100 million users it seems miniscule.  So why do we care about Periscope?  Well let me ask you how many different types of spoons do you have at your home?  Would having only one be fine?  The correct answer is no because there are measuring spoons, spoons for kids and adults, large spoons to stir a pot, etc…  My point is you could maybe get away with one but to make things easier for yourself you collect as many tools as you can.

Even though Periscope doesn’t have a huge user base reaching 1 millions people is still reaching 1 millions people.  That isn’t anything to laugh at. Use Periscope, use SnapChat and use Facebook Live.  Use all three you don’t have to choose just one.  Until its a complete ghost town like MySpace go for it.  Also people who use these apps that are smaller also have more loyalty to it because they feel they have it content to themselves.  Its like that restaurant that you love in the neighborhood and don’t want it to get too popular.

Use every tool that is available to you.  It’s free.

Hope this helps