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If You’re Selling Food You Need Social Media

Everything I’m about to say applies to anyone trying to make money but I’m going to focus on restaurants and anyone selling food.  I decided to speak about this today because I just left one of my favorite local joints to eat at for lunch and I feel this guy’s leaving money on the table.

Sure, these safes and restaurants have a good following but don’t they want to take it to the next level? Let’s talk about how you would do this.  There are some components that are key to this.  Good copy, exposure and hustle. So, let’s explore these ingredients in context.

  1. Affordability: Compared to all other forms of media using social media is the least expensive even free to some extent.  You may need to hire someone to create copy and managed your social media but the message is yours and its effective.  The Yellows pages is irrelevant if you’re using this to get attention.
  2. The Reach is Far: being a local restaurant why shouldn’t you have everyone in your city as a customer?  I can’t think of a reason for this not to happen.  Everyone in your city should at least know you exist and this can be done via social media because the population and demographic of smart phone users is 80% and growing.  Now, if your ship your food now you can go global.  You need to be thinking big and you can do this or hire someone to help you.
  3. Approachability:  Social media is something accessible to everyone.  The train is boarding and will be leaving soon.  Be sure to be on it. Don’t find yourselves with no customers and a month away from closing when you could have started this strategy months ago.

Remember this takes time because you are building relationships just like meeting new people and becoming friends over time.

Hope this helps,