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Business Earn More By Doing These Simple Things

When having a conversation with people about SnapChat it doesn’t occur to anyone that this could be serious used to get more customers.  I’ve heard the same excuse that “people don’t want to see me at work”.  Well if you’re Snapping you typing then you may be correct but you have to make it interesting.  You never know what will resonate with someone.  Try these things.

Showcase your Products
You are selling a product or a service.  Show it and explain why they need it.  Depending on how many products or services you offer you need to get good at giving the 10-second pitch.  It costs you nothing to do this and the benefits can be astronomical.

Do Promotions
Showing people what you sell or what you do gets people interested but if you’re having a sale that’s even better.  You are simply sweetening the pot.

Provide Answers to Questions for Your Customers
Frequentl Asked Questions can still be passed up on a website but if someone is following you on SnapChat they will receive a notification when you post.  Leverage this to answer people’s questions.

Show People The Fun You Have at Work
Following up on what I said earlier by Snapping yourself and your employees at work you humanize yourselves.  You want people to feel like they know you and connect with you.  You need to be familiar because being s stranger almost always keeps people at bay.

What Makes You Stand Out?
What is different about you than every other company in your niche?  You better know and scream it from the top of a mountain otherwise you are just like everyone else.  What makes you choose one brand over another or one car vs another?  What is going to make someone choose you over someone else?

Hope this helps