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Authenticity – The Foundation for Success

I’m a big fan of Daymond John.  We had similar upbringings and realized early that no one will give you anything and you have to work and fight for anything you want or anything worth having.  I recently read his book Daymond’s book “The Power of Broke” and there was something that resonated with me.


Daymond talks about being authentic, or as we called it, “being real”.  This seem like an obvious detail but its clearly not. We tend to see businesses out there but how many of the founders of those businesses can say they own or use the service they are selling to others?  To me the passion comes out when you believe in something.  You can tell the difference when someone is into it and when they are not.


The point being is believing in what you do is what will pull you through each time.  Authenticity is what people will see when you post on social media about your coffee shop or the lack of.  Authenticity is what anyone who reads this post will make about me.  I make that judgment call when anyone tries to pitch anything to me or I walk into a burrito stand.  Do these people love and believe what they do or are they just in it for the cash? Don’t get me wrong money is important too but that comes later.


I’ve subscribed to everything Daymond is doing now because I get such a rush when I hear his stories.  If you haven’t checked him out you need to.  Check his YouTube channel out here.

Hope this helps