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You Need To Invest in SEO. Stop Ignoring It.

I love reading these articles that state that you dont need social media, or online advertising or even SEO to be successful in business these days.  Now I know these are most likely just outcasts on their own island somewhere but this dis-info is still out there and some unsuspecting soul will stumble across this crap and read it and then take to heart because it reinforces their warped point of view.

People need to stop settling for “ok” and aim for greatness.  Stop being lazy and stop being cheap.  You must invest in yourself because if you dont you are unconsciously telling yourself  you wont make it so why even try?  Saying you cant afford it isnt an excuse either.  You cant afford not to do it.  Spend what you can but still invest.  You cant do this alone and you must harness and leverage someone who knows digital marketing if you dont.  Even if you do you need to spend time on your business and buy that time back by hiring someone else to handle this for you.

SEO is not going anywhere and if you want peple to find you you need to do it effectively and maintain it.  This isn’t a one time thing so sorry to burst your bubble.

  • SEO still works – Building a foundation of organic SEO then layered with social media deep linking to build that juice baby
  • SEO isn’t a FAD – Regardless of algorithms changing SEO is still what drives searches on search engines.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Even if ou had to hire someone to handle this for you what are the consequences of not being known and getting attention when people look for your business niche in your area?  Newspapers and the Yellow Pages are a waste of money.
  • Smart Phone Audience is Growing – Not having a mobile site automatically dings you with search engines so this approach is all encompassing.
  • Relevant Content – NOt having up to date and relevent content is a must.  Not investing time in your content is a sign of someone who’s given up.
  • The Competition is Beating you with SEO – Competitors have proven that SEO is beneficial everyday so who are you to say it isn’t?

You need to get strait on what successful business are doing and do that.  To ignore it is suicide.

Hope this helps