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The Price Myth and How to Handle This

No matter who you are even if you are not a professional salesperson you are still a salesperson.  Everyone is always selling something.  Whether it’s getting that girl to go on a date with you, going on a job interview or convincing your kids to listen to things you tell them to do you are selling your point of view to them.

One of the situations that every business encounters is when a customer has an issue with the cost of a product or service.  I’ve heard things like “I can get this cheaper over here” or “your competitor is selling this for much less”.  Let’s step back for a second.  When you are buying a service or product what you’re really trying to do is solve a problem.  This is the bottom line.

Sales genius Grant Cardone has stated numerous times that price is never the real issue and it’s your job to help the buy to understand what the true value is.  Uncle G (Grant Cardone) says “When value exceeds price, price is no longer the issue.”  This is 100% on the money.  You must compare apples to apples and almost always when a buyer brings up price they are comparing apples to oranges.

You can’t argue with a car salesman that you want the Mercedes Benz for 20,000 less because the Toyota Yaris only costs fifteen grand.  It’s a ridiculous comparison.  The same is true for other products.  You must help the customer to understand the value of your product/service and why it’s actually worth more than what you’re asking and that they are getting a deal because they are.  Once the customer understands the value price is no longer an issue.  This applies to all industries and all businesses.

Hope This Helps