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Why All Local Business Must Adopt Social Media

These are simple reason why all business but especially small business need to adopt proper social media management.

1: Immediate Communication
Whether you are at your computer or on your smart phone you will see an alert if someone reaches out to you on your social media sites.  The feedback they give is immediate and you can now also respond immediately.  This is the turnaround time your customer deserves and that you owe them.  There are no excuses now.

2: Transparency
Anyone can see the conversation you are having which mean they can see how great or horribly you handle your customers.  Going the extra mile and everyone seeing this will earn you more customers and loyalty fro the ones you already have.  Not doing so should also be seen so you learn your lesson on why you should hustle for the people responsible for putting food on your table and a roof over your head.

3: Personalize Your Brand and the Experience
Show people what it means when you say that you put your customers first.  If this is part of your mission or on your window and even on you business card you had better be doing it.  That claim is part of your brand. SO many people dont go that extra mile.  When your are a local business you better be going the extra mile every day with each customer especially when large multi-million dollar corporations do it. Who are you not to follow the proven paths to success?

4: Encouraging Referrals
AN example of this is something that happened to me.  I own water filters.  One day I was using my fileter and it broke.  I called the company and found out the filter was one week out of warranty.  They basically told me to bad so sad.  The exact same thing happened with a different company I tried and not only did they replace that fueter, they sent me a new set.  They were so nice and went above and beyond I will always buy from them and I will never buy from that previous company.  Since then when people ask me I always tell them to buy ProPur water filters.

5: Following is SO Easy
Following up with a customer is so easy with social media and smart phones that if you ignore this important part of your business you deserve to lose customers.  Its like you walking up 50 flights of stairs after someone told you where the elevator is.  You deserve to collapse.

Those of you who read my articles know I dont pull punches.  I’m direct and strait to the point.  Let me know what you think my posting to my social media.  Hope this helps.