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3 Tips for Writing Better Copy for Optimized SEO

In my opinion copywriting is one of the most neglected things on all websites.  Most think it just writing text on a page. This is very silly and simplistic view.  Great content always turns great results.  THis great copy also affects the SEO for a page.  You must learn the connection and master it to get more out of your website and social media along with any ads you may have out there.

1)Know You Audience
Be specific about who your are trying to target.  Remember this about about capturing peoples attention.  The more attention you get could lead to sales and the ranking will come.

2)Value of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
This method is newer but works with older SEO techniques.  This method analyzes the terms on pages they are connected. LSI tries to discover the different concepts connect web pages by analyzing how the words and terms work together and context.  AN example of copy that utilizes the LSI concept can be seen here.  Ive also pasted it below.

d1: Shipment of gold damaged in a fire.
d2: Delivery of silver arrived in a silver truck.
d3: Shipment of gold arrived in a truck.

3)Keep Content Fresh
Updating content is not only great for readers but web crawlers like even better.  Freshers content gets ranked higher.  Its as simple as that.

Hope this helps