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One Twitter Tip You Can Use Today for your Business

Many people who use Twitter forget to turn on the analytics portion of Twitter and then view it.  Its simple, go to your profile dropdown and click on analytics and there is an option for you to turn it on.  Those who have already turned it on lets all take a look now.

Right away you can see how many impressions your tweet has had and the engagement level each tweet had had.  So lets take a step back, Twitter in my opinion is a tool to gauge opinions and get a sense of what people think out there about what you have to say and what others are saying.  You get immediate feedback and you can tweet as much as you want regardless of what anyone says.  People are us to getting many tweets a day so it isn’t annoying its just part of the digital protocol now.

Now lets get back to the analytics.  Looks at your tweets which have received more engagement.  Is there a similar theme?  Topic, did you use specific copy etc…?  Notice what common factors they have and repeat it.  The ones that didn’t get engagement most likely share certain traits so swallow your ego and do what works and dump was isn’t.

You can do this today and start getting benefits.I hate seeing posts with these high level tips and nonsense that sound like all the other crap I see being posted.  You can use this today and its simple.

Hope this helps