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Is Josh Turner Right About Lead Generation with LinkedIn?

I recently came across a book named Connect by Josh Turner.  The premise of the book is how to generate leads and conversion using LinkedIn.  There are many points in this book are things you my find in other lead generation books but Josh is correct on every point.  This mean that I agreed with him on the points he made.

One of the things that he touches upon is the concept of humans being tribal creatures.  This is something that is in our DNA and is simply the truth.  Anyone we dont know that approaches us we tend to be stand-offish with. Josh states that the same thing is true when someone send you a message in email and yes in LinkedIn.  DO we really care about another person trying to sell us something and on top of this we have no previous relationship with him or her.

in life we build trust with people we dont know and only after the barriers come down can we move to the next level in the relationship.  Josh mentioned that on LinkedIn we get turned off right away by these “Leg Humpers” because thats like asking someone to help you move after knowing them for a week. Its rude and the answer will almost always be NO.

Building relationships takes time.  I would like to ask Josh Turner something.  Josh I hope you read this and if you do please message me on LinkedIn.  I agree with your approach on taking time to build relationships but I also agree with Grant Cardone’s approach of going for the close.  In my opinion you guys are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.  Also if you started a relationship with a prospect hitting them up to meet with you for your services is it possible to start over and use your approach?  If yes, then does that prolong the building trust stage?

My hope is that this turns into a discussion and that Josh and Grant would see this and chime in.  Hope this helps.