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Mobile Apps for Attorneys

Ive heard a lot of talk about this by friends of mine who are lawyers who insist that layers dont need nor want their own mobile app.  When I hear this statement I asked why not?  What I heard kind of surprised me because it all had to do with customer service.  Depending on what kind of law you practice I may understand.  An example is criminal law.  Dealing with the scum of the Earth can test your patience make you hate people but if you’re a solo attorney without a big firm that employs you hustling is part of your daily tasks.

That includes customer service and keeping in contact and making things convenient for all your clients regardless of who they are. Here are some reasons why you need to stop being stubborn and get with the program.

  1. Brands Yourself Create a buzz and make people aware of who you are.  This goes for anyone who wants to make money.  This is business 101.
  2. Access to More of the MarketYou are cutting yourself off if you dont pursue this medium.  People use to say that they didn’t need a website and look at where we are now.  You cant survive without one.
  3. Engages your prospects. Anything that makes it easier for you to communicate with your clients is a good thing.  I said it earlier if you hate people you need to find a new job.
  4. Loyalty from Your Clients. People can get a lawyer anywhere and keeping that in mind you want to keep your clients.  Someone who downloads your mobile app is likely to be more loyal to you.  This is a verifiable statistic by countless publications.

Stop thinking you can ignore the inevitable.  You’ve worked so hard why wouldn’t you use something that could only help you?


Hope this helps