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Are Websites Really Dead?

Ive been hearing in pod casts and reading in blogs and books that websites are dead.  I can understand that people feel that websites are being overshadowed by mobile apps, and social media but its a stretch to say that the website is going away.  Individuals and businesses have to have a spaces of our own on the website instead of the digital cities and ghettos of social media.

So how is this going to change?  Lets first address an old friend called the sales funnel.  Create an ad and route the audience that clicks on the ad back to a domain.  This domain can be your website with a very prominent CTA that captures the customers data and place it into a database. This is something that makes sense and still utilizes the website.

Websites aren’t dead but simply the original tool that is being re-purposed. We need to keep in mind that not everyone is going to want to download your app and your shouldn’t punish them for not doing so.  Creating and maintaining a website is very different than maintaining a website for older browsers, its apples and oranges.

Hope this helps