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Big Corporations Need to Get Back to “mom and pop” Manners

That title is extremely strait forward isn’t it?  The days of the local stores when mom and pop ran them and were part of the community.  They treated people well either because they were in fact nice people or because they know that a unhappy customer could spread their dissatisfaction in the community like wildfire.  Mom and Pop were part of the community so they had to live with these people they served everyday so if the local store screwed someone over of a product and didn’t honor it everyone knew about it by the end of the day.  Feedback like that could have devastating effects on a local business.

Now fast forward to around 2005 and beyond.  Social media is part of the contentiousness of the economy.  People can spread their delight or dissatisfaction within a matter of seconds and everyone will know seconds after that and it potentially is world wide. Now that businesses have embraced social media how do they harness its power?  Is it for good or evil?  Yes I said it because I believe it to be true and many of the points in Gary Vaynerchuk’s book The Thank You Economy in my opinion support this statement.

•  social media’s prerequisite is that business leaders think like “mom and pop”.
•  Company business leader need to allow your peples heart and soul to come through when they help people.  Stop the corporate BS talk where is seems you’re always covering your ass legally.
•  Culture makeovers are a must for established companies.  Have manners and be real just the way you remember it when we were kids.
•  If you haven’t been successful with social media it isn’t social media.  You aren’t doing it right or you are the problem.
•  One reason social media exists as a way for people who feel unappreciated as consumers to have a voice.
•  Have enough passion for your business to be able to talk about it with people 24/7.  This isn’t an option because if you cant do this just get out of business and work for someone.
•  Thinking that having the most followers and likes is most important youve missed the point.  Social media allows you to connect directly with the people who trust you enough to use your product and service.
•  Get people to want to know who you and your business are instead of through manipulation.
•  One day we will see the graveyard of companies that died because they didn’t see the value in the new methodology of digital marketing and we will see those who flourished because they realized what was the inevitable.

Now this is going to be a generalization but “big” companies seem to think that social media is a way to do damage control only instead of using it to build relationships.  Which would you rather do and be better for your company’s reputation and brand?  Obviously you cant please everyone all the time so you can use these tools to resolve issues but you can also try to use social media to its fullest extent to prevent those issues from taking place all together by communication directly with the people you serve.

Hope this helps.  www.devstudiox.com