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Why Companies Need to Take Digital Marketing Seriously

I am constantly surprised when I see what people regard as a marketing plan.  People still think that putting ads in the paper or having one of those guys on the corner of your business swinging around a form arrow letting people know you are there. Here’s a news flash, if you aren’t generating the business you want doing those thing why would you continue do to that and if you want to go to the next level that requires you thinking differently.

That same eye of the tiger you had when you started is what you need again otherwise you might as well give it up.  Unless you are in the mafia where you force people to give you money otherwise something bad will happen you are kidding yourself to avoid social media.  Also if you finally wake up to go this route get someone who knows what they are doing to help you with this.  To not get the proper resources to assist you with this is the equivalent of add a new bathroom in your house and you have no idea where to start.

1. The Days of Analogue Marketing are Numbered
Lets talk about this for a minute so you grasp this.  No one gives a Rats A@$&s about commercials on TV.  People have Tivo if they even watch TV anymore.  people are watching Netflix or watching YouTube and lets be honest or they are downloading what they want on some torrent site.

How about the newspaper.  When is the last time you looked for an ad in the news paper?  Maybe people look on black Friday but even that is dying because of internet sales.   How about the Yellow Pages?  I see stacks of those books which are passed out for free rotting on front porches all over Chicago.  Almost no one is looking up info from these mediums anymore.  Even more mature audiences are using their phones instead of the Yellow Pages.

2. Mobile Devices are Boss now
According to Pew Research in 2017 77% of people own a mobile device.  This is only going to grow.  People use there phones to search for things to do and places to go more than they do their computers now.  This is a fact and its not going away.  To ignore that growing and possibly the main medium for advertisement which is a smart phone is being intellectually dishonest and ignoring the reality of marketing.  I mentioned this earlier but unless you are a something that someone has to use like the toll booth you need to someone convince people to come to your place of business.  How will you do that?  How will you get attention and conversions with the best bag for your buck?  The key is digital marketing and the longer you ignore it the more damage you do to your business.

3. Play Less and reach More People
Let me ask you a question, if someone said you could pay less but reach more people or target the people you want specifically to advertise for your business what would you say?  If you contentious you would say “Hell Yes”.  Anyone would and if you could find 10 people who would prefer a newspaper, Yellow Pages or a TV ad I would show you someone who is out of touch and with a business that is failing.

4. Digital Marketing Creates Leads and Loyalty
Having an ad or an account on social media that someone views can find that person at your website or a url of your choice.  Now that you have them there what do you do?  The use of a sales funnel to capture their information is GOLD.  You want someone contact information because this is known as a LEAD.  What can you do with a lead?  You can reach out and advertise to them or close a deal with them and finally you can nurture a lead for future touches.  You want to create a huge email list so you can give value even with them not buying a thing from you because they will become more loyal to you for that.  Its the equivalent of calling someone you know but haven’t talked to for a while and then asking them for a favor instead of keeping in contact and then asking for that favor.  Which scenarios do you think will have a better result?

5. Customize for Your Targeted Audience
If your business is in Rosemont Illinois you would want to target people in your general area first because proximity is going to dictate a clientele first.  SO you would reach out to people in Rosemont and then you may target that ad to Park Ridge and Schiller Park Illinois which are the next towns over.  Then if you want to get clever and reach out farther say to people in Indiana because they just have to get on one expressway to get to you.  You could create a separate ad just for them saying something like “have a great time and stay the night at one of the surrounding hotels”.  I give you this scenarios as an example of how you can to create the same ad several different way based on the audience you want to target.

Hope this helps.