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Unconventional Ways to Target Your Clients and Get leads

When I first started building sites and offering services to people it was hard for me to get clients let alone leads.  I also am a very big motorcycle enthusiast.  SO what I figured was maybe I can get motorcycle things I want if I reach out to these specific vendors.  So what did I do?

I went and bought ever motorcycle magazine at the news stand and I went through and every ad I visisted the website and sent a template email to everyone in those magazine.  Out of 700 or so emails I had about 200 people get back to me.  Out of those 200 I was able to get contracts from 75 of those.  Who would of thunk it, it worked?

So guess what?  I started doing this with every other niche with the magazines at the news stand.  Rinse and repeat.  I still stand by this process and it works just as well now.  Of course there are tweaks on how you can do this now but the principle is still the same.  Hope this helps.