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Organic SEO vs PPC

The easiest way to explain what Search Engine Optimization is what?  Think of a famous location like Wrigley Field or what out of towners call it “Cubs Park”.  You are trying to get there so you may look up directions online, ask the concierge at the hotel, ask a few people on the street?  These are all people or things that are passing this info on to you because they have been there themselves or they have heard from someone of thing else.

This is the same concept when it come to how people find your web content except the things giving the info out are web crawlers.  Once you understand this how do you want to do it?  Organic or Paid clicks?  Organic SEO refers to the title of your website, the description, keywords, the copy on the site, tags and various other things.  Paid clicks are exactly what they sound like, you pay for placement and you can target your audience.

Organic SEO takes time but is with you for the long haul.  Paid clicks have two main pros.  One you are guaranteed top placement on the screen and 90% or the users don’t scroll down that much which is good for you.  The second thing is you can target who sees this ad.  Examples of this is geographic location, demographics, companies, cities, etc…

This article isn’t a for one method or another rather how each can be beneficial.  Hope this helps.