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How NOT to Speak “NERD” to Your Clients

When we are pitching to a client what do most people who are the technical exports tend to do early on until they figure things out?  You tend to speak in real technical terms and the your client dont care and know what you are talking about.  You have to be clear and direct.  They want to know what their ROI will be.

You need to be able to articulate what you can do for your client and not simply what you can do.  Did you read what what I wrote?  So quite simply how does what you do relate to the results your clients will see.  You must be arms with facts to back up your claims so that means having visuals that you can effectively communicate and finally be confident.  You can be right on target but if you dont believe you then why the hell should anyone else?

A good source of the steps on how to articulate and selling yourself is megalodonmarketing.net.  Hope this helps.