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Better SEO with Backlinking

You’ve most likely heard people talk about “better SEO”.  Maybe you know what the term means or not.  Well we all have to learn some time.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  This refers to the content on your website and how search engines look at this to rank you.

What are backlinks?  These are simply links from other websites to your main site.  Now before you say “oh i know what that is” let me stop you.  Something we use to do back in the day was exchange links with other websites.  This worked great but then the search engines wised up and now if you do this your sites cancel each-other out.  The link can only be one way.Facebook, and instagram account.

Some examples of how you can do this is linking your social media pages to your website.  These count as back links.  Pretty simple huh?  Want to get crazy?  You can tier your backlinks by doing the following.  Lets say you have a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account.  Start from the back moving forward.  Create a link from an Instagram post to the Facebook page.  Create a link in a Facebook post to your Twitter page.  Then finally create a link in a Tweet to your main site.  This will build up referrals and increase ranking.  Hope this helps.