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Sales Funnels and Why You Need One

What is the the main goal for your business?  To get clients and more of them.  I do not care what kind of business you have.  It doesn’t mater what industry or vertical you are in but if you have a business you need to make money and the way you do this is getting people in the door.  Do we all agree on this?  We should be on the same page.

Now, I have plenty of other articles on social media marketing which you can find and read but those are the prerequisite to this article.  Use your social media to drive people to drive people to your website.  There is obviously more to how you do this but using social media to drive people to your site isn’t the focus here.

Once you get these people to your website this is an opportunity to utilize a sales funnel to collect leads, qualify and convert them.  Sales funnels have many working examples out there but I recommend a book named DotComeSecrets.  The idea is you have an simple page that collects the users information like an email in return for a free gift.  This can be a white paper or a coupon to your service or product or something else that provides incentive.

Once you collect this user information you have options on how to nurture this lead.  You can up-sell or down-sell and/or you can send a series of emails immediately over the next week or two.  What is the purpose of sending these emails?  Well lets look at it this way.  You want to tell them about you and your story.  Get them to like you and build trust.  Once you’ve done this you can ask for the sale again.  Additionally after that you will remain in contact with this email list by doing various things that would fall under email marketing.

This is meant to make you want to go out and research the three parts that will make you successful which is social media marketing, sales funnel, and then email marketing.  Hope this helps.