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How to Deal with a Know-It-All

You will have to deal with these people in life.  There it is.  I’m not going to sugar coat it for you.  When it comes to work you will deal with people like this that fall into the following categories:

  1. People who dont like to let go
  2. Employees who feel threatened
  3. Another agency who feels threatened
  4. People who flat out refuse to listen to reason

I know I left many off but these are the main ones I have dealt with.  When you are trying to submit an audit of the companies current state you will encounter these people.  They will make it as difficult for you as possible because in their mind you are the enemy and are there to take something away from them.  Of course this is ridiculous but non the less this is what goes on.

You will get challenged by these people which is fine but you shouldn’t get as childish as they may get.  Keep your cool and kill them with kindness.  For example if you submit something that states the client’s website could improve its load time you may hear something like this. “Our website load just fine under 5 seconds and our analysis says different”.  Of course they will make it out to seem like you just suggested that the world is flat but you can response like this. “I agree that your analysis shows that your site load in under 5 seconds.  It could be better and that doesn’t account for everything loading in the back-end.  This could be affecting your search engine ranking”.

Its important to not takes these comments personally and if your familiar with Aikido you use the persons comments and redirect t back to them.  You should welcome this because it will help you prove you case even more.  Eventually these people will either back down or the decision maker in the meeting will quite them.  IN either case you come out looking like the authority because you didn’t lose your cool and stayed focused.

Remember when you are making the pitch to do work for somebody there is someone else that didn’t get that opportunity or its being taken away from.  This person or agency will fight for their life so just expect it and you’ll be more prepared to handle these situations.

Hope this helps.