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Why do you Still not Have a Responsive Website?

I’m going to keep this one short and get right to the point. I think we can all agree that technology changes and is obsolete daily.  This goes double for your website.  To have a website whose framework  and code hasn’t been updated in a year makes your site website a grandpa.  Your website might as well be aged in dog years.

Lets start with defining what have a responsive website is.  To be responsive mean that your website responds and changes its layout based on the device its being viewed on.  So, I have a friend who said why would I make my site responsive when I can see it on my smart phone just fine?  I told him that it was a pain in the ass for anyone to view his site because they have to pinch and pan and the performance is horrible.

Users will immediately stop viewing your site on a smartphone if it isn’t responsive in most cases unless there is something you’re selling that no one else has and they really want it.  Also the search engines will ding you on your ranking.  By not doing this simple thing you are losing potential customers.  I’m not sure why people refuse to still do this.  Maybe its because they are procrastinating or cheap but whatever the case is stop it.

Everyone and their mother is on a smart phone.  They are surfing on the phone.  You guys that are still holding out you need to catch up and fast because your business depends on it.

I really hope you listened and that this helps.