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Why Google Plus is Irrelevant and has Been for Over a Year

Despite the fact that Google Plus has billions of users activity on there is non existent.  According to blogger Kevin Anderson anytime there is a new platform created everyone and their mother creates a profile but the actual activity doesn’t mirror that.

Lets remember to be active on a social media account takes time.  You need to commit to interaction and creating valuable content.  Kevin estimated that 4-6 million people are actually using Google Plus back in 2015. This has sloped down since then.  Why did this happen?  Well Seth Fiegerman states that Google made a mistake not to differentiate themselves from Facebook.  What was the difference and why would someone dump Facebook for Google Plus.

It also sounds like Google executives didn’t really believe in the expensive project as well.  reports of former executives recall stating that “Facebook will eventually kill us”.  The user experience wasn’t and still isn’t up to par.  Just looking at it compared to how users are able to navigate around Facebook is night and day.  The users rejected this platform because it just wasn’t cool.   It didn’t look cool, it didn’t do anything that Facebook couldn’t do better and it wasn’t inspiring.  A crude analogy is why would be why would you downgrade your girlfriend?  You go for the hotter girl not the frump.  It was apparent no one was dumping reliable cool Facebook when Google Plus at the end of the day was just a time waster and for what?

This is my opinion based on my thoughts and seeing that others are writing about it in the same way.  Hope this helps.