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How to Choose the Best Agency to Partner with Your Business

There comes a time when you need to hire out for a competency that your business doesn’t specialize in.  Even marketing agencies hire other marketing agencies to get ideas or because there already have a full pipeline.  Whether you are a flower shop, an attorney or a large insurance company you will have a need to hire an agency to solve a problem for you.  Here are some tips on choosing someone that is going to stick around because they enjoy doing your work and because you enjoy the results you are getting along with them growing with your business.

Everyone Needs to Be On the Same Page

To go through the process of hiring an agency takes time.  You also want to make sure that everyone who is involved agrees that you need agency help.  To go through the process of searching and hiring an agency and then getting resistance from stakeholders inside your company is counter productive and sabotages the entire project.  Everyone must be on the same page and commit.  Committing is so key because if you dont it will be the equivalent of half-assing the projects kickoff and follow through.  Second guessing your self doesn’t help anyone.  You need to do your due diligence up front and make sure everyone has the same vision and commitment.

Let The Agency Do What it Does Best

Your Request for Proposal need to be specific and outline what the problems are you are trying to solve.  Your company is going to make a significant investment so doesn’t that require the attention and respect you would give to any other task for your business.  TO simply state you want to bring in more business doesn’t cut it.  Every businesses goal is to bring in more business.  DO you want to target a specific area or demographic?  DO you want to explore certain types of marketing outlets?  Be as detailed as possible because there is nothing worse than wasting both of you and the agency’s time.  Time is money, we hear this all the time because its true.  To delay the retention of the agency who could help you by even one day because of sloppiness is unacceptable.

Hope this helps.