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How to Tell your Company’s Story and Get Grand Recognition


1. Your Story

In order for people to trust you the need to know what you’re about.

  • Who are you?
  • Whats you’re purpose?
  • What do you do?
  • What do you believe?

If people can identify with you or your purpose and what you believe that helps your credibility with the public.  Its more than people just taking notice.  Once you have their attention how do you get them to follow though.  They need to trust you.

2. The Attractive Character

To keep going with the previous point if you and your partners are a start up and people identify with your purpose you also need to get them to root for you.  People want to root for the underdog.  The person or persons who are working against the odds to brig you a service.  This is more art than science but when done properly people will rally behind you and your company just like they do for their favorite sports team.

4. Engaging Users on Social Media

I have had many issues with products and immediately went to their Facebook and posted my complaint and within minutes I received an answer.  That was impressive and it made me identify the companies brand with great customer service along with the staff.

5. YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat

These video mediums allow a business with proper assistance publish a narrative that is beneficial to the company its set up for.  This can be done is no many different ways so I cant list them all here but the point stand that these are necessary techniques to tell your story.