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Why Attorneys Need to Take Advantage of Social Media

Today smart phones are owned by almost everyone. I literally was walking down the street the other day next to a mall I live by and an old lady so excited with her new iPhone passed me up. How do I know it was new? She was being schooled in the arts of Facebook by her granddaughter and I could help overhear.
My point is that Millenials certainly expect everything to have a social media presence, followed by Generation X and then Baby Boomers. People not only expect you to have a website but they also want to Tweet you. As Ive said before in other articles Ive written why not take advantage of this medium and make sure you have someone handling this for you. Don’t try to do this yourself because you need to focus on your bread and butter which is your profession. This isn’t something you want to half ass.
1) First and most obvious is you can easily network with other people in your industry and also people who may be in need of your services. Seems like a no brainier to me. Maybe you’ve written articles or you have recent victories in court. These are things you want people to know. It builds your credibility.
2) What are you firm’s goals for the year? Twitter for example has a great mechanism to see what topics are trending. These can be things that relate to your practice and possible a new area you want to consider.
3) Can we agree many criminals are dumb? Well if they have social media accounts most likely they are posting their stupidity there. The best recent example are the 4 black young adults who beat and tortured a mentally retarded boy. Not only did that get them caught it was also used as evidence. Attorneys, do you want to make things easier on yourselves? Find the persons social media accounts and you will have your case against this person.