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Why Fresh and Updated Website Content is Critical

Be Relevant
If you have a website that hasn’t been updated in months people can reasonably deduce tha you clearly aren’t engaged and probably dont have anything to post because you’re not on top of your game.  If you’re posting regularly you will get better at it and you will care about the content.  caring about your content makes you more of an authority of your field because you care about your audience.

Updating Your Content = High Rankings
Every time your website is crawled and re-indexed the search engine rearranges the rankings.  Guess what?  This means you can organically move up just by posting everyday.

Additional Content Give you More To Crawl
Search engines love to crawl all content on your site.  More content will be crawled so that it is included so it can be searched on.

Search Engines Love Your Updates
Picture search engines have an army of robots that it sends out to collect data.  Now if you can imagine this these robots consume your data like food.  Just like the Terminator it will not stop until it collects everything from every site on the planet.  This is its mission and it must be done.  Your website benefits from this.