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Why You Need to Hire a Social Media Expert Instead of Doing it Yourselves

So you think you can do your own social media?  Well maybe you can but is it effective, really?  If you’re an auto mechanic your an expert in the field of auto.  If you’re a florist your element is arrangements.  So why is it that businesses think they can take on a tasks that requires strategy and targeting audiences that want your product or service?  Well lets look at this.  Some people want to save money and other feel they can do it all.  Guess what you realistically cant do it all and give a little to get much more then you will most likely not be successful is whatever industry you are in.

Lets look at the benefits and keep an open mind because true entrepreneurs understand that they need to focus on getting customers in the door and provide that product or service better than anyone else.  Ready?  Lets take a look.

Butts in Seats
No matter what business you are in the main goal for EVERYONE is to get customers through the door and covert them to paying customers.  Is there anyone that can dispute this is the end game?  Guess what?  News papers ads, that annoying guy or girl who is out on the sidewalk spinning your store sign who would rather be posting on Facebook is not a marketing strategy.  Do you want to reach more people with less effort and money?  I believe I hear the answer which is YES!

Dominating the Market
I know everyone always says competition is good but for you this this statement garbage.  You want to dominate the competition.  How can you possibly do that if you’re not using social media properly.  Everyone and their mother has a smart phone now.  Greater percentages of people are seeing you on the phone first.  Lets guess what people are doing on the phone.  How many times walking don the street running into poles and walking into oncoming traffic?  Its because people are glued to their phones looking at social media.  You need to be there and experts can do that for you.

Lets take this example to start with.  if you are a restaurant owner you are managing the staff, vendors, book keeping and maybe cooking and waiting on tables.  Sometimes you are a host or hostess as well.  At what point in the day did you plan on doing your digital marketing?  You need someone who has the bandwidth to focus on this and that doesn’t mean your cousin Johnny who is always posting to his Facebook account.  This deserves the respect and attention that you put into creating your business.

Getting People to Know Your Brand
Lets say you are a store front or a company in a high-rise.  How many people do you think know you are there?  You want people to know your brand when they need something.  That can be your logo, the faces of your staff, or even the look and feel of your establishment.   The same way people no matter what facial tissue they use always refer to it as “Kleenex” is the same impression you want to leave.  Why would someone come to you for a deep dish pizza or buy your landscaping services unless you stand out for some reason to a person or a group of people?  Stand out with your brand.

You can take this article and I hope something resonated with you because it’s the truth of how digital strategy makes all the difference